What is AA? The Basics of Alcoholics Anonymous

What is AA?

AA, or Alcoholics Anonymous is an international fellowship that meets regularly to help individuals and families who struggle with alcoholism. All individuals who acknowledge they have a drinking problem and have a desire for recovery are welcome at AA meetings. 

As each AA group is self-funded and there are no dues or fees required, those who believe in the program and want to make it accessible for others may dedicate a significant amount of time to doing so. This may include securing 

What is the meaning of AA?

AA stands for Alcoholics Anonymous. Literally speaking, that means that it comprises groups of individuals who have identified as alcoholics and are meeting with an understanding of anonymity. Figuratively speaking, Alcoholics Anonymous often has a slightly different, deeper meaning for its members.

For some, Alcoholics Anonymous is a tool for support to maintain their sobriety but for many others, it is a way of life. The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of AA lead the decisions and actions in everyday lives of many AA members. Members may see AA as a path to a new life or they may find a new family in their fellow members. Alcoholics Anonymous is truly life-altering for a great number of people.

Click Here to download the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

Click Here to download the 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous

What is the purpose of AA?

The purpose of AA is quite simple, it is to help individuals who struggle with alcoholism to get sober and stay sober. 

What is AA NOT?

  • AA is not for profit.
  • AA is not allied with any group, cause, or religious denomination.
  • AA is not limited to age, gender, social, economic, or cultural backgrounds (although individual meets may be limited in some regards).
  • AA is not an organization was works to recruit members. Members join based on their own choice. 
  • AA is not a medical treatment program.
  • AA is not a cure for addiction. There is no cure for addiction.

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