What Does AA Cost?

How much AA costs is a common question that people unfamiliar with the AA program ask. There are no dues or fees to become a member of alcoholics anonymous. Members and traditions state that we can only keep what we have by giving it away. During meetings, a basket is passed amongst the groups to accept donations that cover common costs like rent, literature, AA Chips, or coffee for the group. Alcoholics anonymous has always declined outside contributions while remaining fully self-funded. Donations are appreciated but are not required when attending an AA meeting. The only actual requirement is the desire to live a life free from alcohol and all mood and mind-altering substances. 

Cost of materials (big book) or how to get them free.

The current cost of a Big Book is $5.99. Most of the time a sponsor or an elder group member will pass along an old copy to the new members. Again, following the traditions of alcoholics anonymous you only keep what you have by giving it away. Pamphlets of literature are also provided at meetings. These pamphlets are free for the taking and the only request is that when finished you pass it along to another person in need. Members of alcoholics anonymous believe in a motto of attraction rather than promotion and these types of selfless acts to help others struggling is a great way to spread the message of recovery.  

Do you have to pay for AA chips? 

AA Chips are a tool used by the groups and symbolize lengths of sobriety. These are given away to members to celebrate their length of sobriety. The contributions collected by the group are used to purchase these items and then given to the member that is celebrating and extending the length of time they have maintained sobriety.

AA is a Priceless Commitment

The amount of money that becoming an AA member costs is zero. There is no required cost at all. Regardless of the amount of time spent with meetings and any other commitment, if you are a true alcoholic and this is the road that you choose to remain sober, the money or time spent is more valuable than you can imagine. Giving yourself the opportunity to live a life free from alcohol and truly live is priceless. Sobriety can not be monetized by dollars and cents. The value vs cost of a meeting is simply answered with the question “how much is your life worth to you?” 

How AA is funded?

Since AA was found it has declined any outside funding. The groups have always remained fully self-supported. Their donations are given during meets by members and then the local intergroup decides the best way to spend those funds in accordance with what is best for the local groups. They also will host a variety of events such as picnics, dances, alcotons, or spaghetti dinners, as well as other types of community-friendly events.

What does aa cost? It doesn’t have to cost a dime.

Now that we answered your question of “what does AA cost”? and that it is beyond affordable, get started with this program that is accessible to everyone. Find an AA meeting near you.

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