What Women Should Know About Alcoholics Anonymous

womens alcoholics anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is a program that is designed to be applicable to people of all ages, gender, race, nationality, religion, etc. However, there can sometimes be a tremendous benefit to meetings that are focused on one particular group of people. This is especially true for gender. Generally speaking, women face different challenges in life and with addiction than men do. This is what you should know if you are a woman who is recovering from alcohol addiction and looking to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Benefits of A Women’s AA Meeting

Generally speaking, women face a whole set of societal pressures and expectations that men may not also experience. Women are also more likely to struggle with alcohol due to a relationship with a man and they are more likely to avoid treatment due to judgment or fear that they may face losing their children.

Women’s AA meetings…

  • allow more time to be dedicated to talking about issues most common among women who are alcoholics.
  • create a unique opportunity for women to tell stories that their fellow women are more likely to be able to relate to.
  • foster a space where women can talk about issues and stories that they may not be comfortable sharing among men.

What does “AA Woman” mean?

When looking for an aa meeting near you, there are a number of different acronyms used to identify what type of meeting it is and who is invited to attend. If you are looking for a women-only AA meeting, look at the tags to identify if it is a women’s meeting. The potential tags to identify these meetings are “Women” or “W”. 

Are Trans Women Welcome to Women’s AA Meetings?

Many LGBTQ+ alcoholics feel quite comfortable in any A.A. group. However, there are many unique issues that those who identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ community face. To provide a safe space for these individuals, there are also meetings that are organized specifically for the LBGTQ+ community. 

When looking for a meeting, some of the tags you may find to help you identify these meetings include: 

  • Gay, 
  • LGBTQ, 
  • Lesbian.

Find a Woman’s AA Meeting

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