Benefits of Florida Addiction and Recovery Centers


There are more than 40 million Americans that are 12 or older, who meet the criteria of having a substance use disorder, a situation that the government has dubbed a crisis. Fortunately, more and more institutions are rising to meet this challenge and curb this public health issue. There are now over 14,000 addiction treatment facilities throughout the country in every state. The hard part is not figuring out how to get help, but deciding where to go. If you’re in this boat and trying to determine where to go to rehab, here’s why you might want to consider a Florida addiction and recovery center.

4 Benefits of Rehabs in Florida

A change of scenery is always a great idea for a person struggling with substance use disorder. In addition to taking you out of the environment where your drug abuse took place, going to rehab in a different state can be beneficial for your motivation and focus on recovery. Florida is a natural choice, it is repeatedly ranked as one of the most popular destinations in the United States. 

Boasting top-notch entertainment, nature, and cuisine, there’s something for everyone in the Sunshine State. However, being a tourist’s top pick isn’t a reason to consider rehabs in Florida, nor is it why it’s considered the rehab capital of the world. Proven experts in the addiction treatment industry, Florida has the facilities, experienced staff, and auxiliary support services to help anyone struggling with addiction. 

Reputation for effectiveness

Florida leads the addiction treatment industry in cutting-edge technology and innovative treatment options. There’s even an addiction treatment model named after the state, which has gone on to be adopted throughout the country. 

The pinnacle of the Florida model involves having separate treatment facilities for addiction treatment and housing. Patients attend therapy and counseling in a facility during the day but reside at non-facility-owned establishments which can feel more comfortable and welcoming. 

The Florida model also differs from the traditional rehab approach which houses patients for 28 days and then returns them back to their “real” lives. With a greater emphasis on peer support and community involvement, many patients who complete their programs eventually become peer leaders in the addiction treatment space.  

Lots of options to choose from 

With a high capita of treatment centers, you can find all sorts of different addiction treatment facilities in Florida. There’s no shortage of options with rehabs that accommodate different budgets and lifestyles. There are luxury rehabs that offer five-star amenities that more closely resemble a resort than a medical facility. There are those that specialize in serving LGBTQ+ patients, and others that are faith-based and cater to a specific religious group. Whatever niche you can imagine, there is probably one in Florida.

Another benefit of the aforementioned Florida model is that various institutions offer varying levels of care, which make it easy to create a bespoke addiction treatment program that best suits your unique needs. The close geographical proximity to so many other drug rehabs can make it possible to cherry-pick different facilities for inpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient care. 

Supportive recovery community

One of the greatest benefits of choosing rehabs in Florida is the expansive recovery community. Sober living communities, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous groups are abundant. Many of those who come to Florida for treatment chose to remain here, adding to an understanding and open-arm population contributing to the recovery oasis as dubbed by the New York Times

Attractive location

One of the biggest obstacles to helping addicted persons get the help they need is motivation. However, Florida’s adjacency to gorgeous beaches, water sports, and palm trees can go a long way to overcoming a person’s resistance to going to rehab. A desirable location can convince a person to see their treatment through, or agree to get help in the first place.

Another major draw is that Florida is home to several popular destinations including Miami and Orlando. There’s a plentitude of activities on any given day, which can provide a much-needed distraction to someone in recovery. 

Addiction Recovery Options for Florida Residents

If you currently reside in Florida and aren’t sure which drug rehab to go to, you have a great resource in your neighborhood. Attend your local AA or NA meetings to connect with individuals who have been in your shoes and can share their addiction treatment experiences with you. Odds are that some of them have been to a drug rehab in-state and can help narrow your search.  

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