Recovery Support Chat

With the recent announcement of Corona Virus as a pandemic, Find Recovery has created an online chat room for those that are not able to physically attend 12 step or recovery meetings. We only have 1 small chat room with limits on how many users can chat at once.

Find additional recovery resources and Online Meeting links beneath the chat room feature.

Find Recovery is not responsible or liable for any communications in this chat room and it may not be monitored at times. If there are any issues or complaints, please email

AA Online Meeting DirectoryThe official Alcoholics Anonymous online meeting directory.

Renew Everyday: Need some support from people who know what you’re going through? Want to ask a question at 3 a.m.? Want to do all this from the ease of any wireless location? Here’s some online support to help you in your recovery.

In The RoomsIn The Rooms is one of the largest and most popular online chat communities featuring online AA meetings and other recovery support resources.

Sober Nation: Sober Nation provides extensive recovery resources and provides a hotline to help people find support. Their Facebook Page has almost 300,000 members so you’ll be able to find plenty of support there!

Lion Rock Recovery: A recovery program featuring a variety of online support meetings at scheduled times.